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HILLSBOROUGH, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida

General Information

You can order a copy of student records on this site (Transcripts, Immunization Records, Graduation Verifications, etc.). If you are looking for a different school in this district, please select the district name in the top left corner of this page and you will be directed to the District's central records office.

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The Following May Be Requested by Alumni: must meet ALL requirements


High School Transcript $11.00 
Verification of Birth Records (SCHOOL DOCUMENTS ONLY - NO BIRTH CERTIFICATES) $11.00
Graduate Letter $11.00
Immunization Records $11.00 

Transcripts will be sent in the most efficient manner possible. When electronic delivery of transcripts is an available option the processor will send the transcript electronically.


The Following May be Requested by Current Students:

Student Transcript  / Permanent Record Summary


The Following May Be Requested by Corporations / Universities / Attorneys:


High School Transcript $26.00 
Verification of Graduation $26.00
Immunization Records $26.00 

The Following May Be Requested by Attorneys:


High School Transcript $16.00 
Immunization Records $16.00
Exceptional Student Codes and Description (ESE records are kept for 5 years at the school after the year of graduation or withdrawal) $16.00 
Discipline Records $16.00

A signed release form is required for immunization records and transcripts. Verification of graduation do not require a signed release form and will be delivered via email.




All records will be sent electronically whenever possible  All electronic records can be forwarded to 3rd parties and verified for authenticity by visiting


The Following May NOT Be Requested:

For GED Information, please call 877-352-4331, or

For Adult Graduation Information. For Adult Ed, please call 813-231-1650 or click HERE

The following information CANNOT be requested online:
      • Birth Certificates
      • GPA Scores (except by ordering a transcript)
      • Credits Taken/Earned (except by ordering a transcript)


For More Information, Contact:

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Erwin Technical College


Room 212 (red door)

2010 E Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, Florida 33610

If you have any questions, CURRENT STUDENTS or 2020 graduates please call your last school of attendance.  All other alums (2019 and prior) may contact the records office at 813.605.8908

For Technical Support, Contact:


Scribbles Software
Phone: 855-465-1458


Business Hours

Regular Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM until 4:30 PM, please be signed in by 3:45 PM

Friday 7:30 until 4:00, be signed in by 3:15

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